there is still so much to do. Heres our recommendations: Adachi joins your party as a Detective - thats his real-life job - and while the detective skills are solid, perhaps no other character benefits from a class change quite as much as Adachi. You should not switch back to this job, as it has minimal benefits. As the Breaker Job levels up, youll get a boost to your attack stats, but generally speaking this class is more about buffing the rest of the party than attacking. 45 One Hell of a Racer The Hostess job comes with lots of cold attacks, and so is very useful when taking on enemies weak to cold, and is a competent brawler the rest of the time too. Chapter 7 Substories Hitman Shes a super-fast character naturally, and this job leans into that status, with a range of status effect inducing attacks. The Game Awards 2020 Nominates Yakuza: Like a Dragon for Best RPG. If you come up against an enemy who resists knives, as some later bosses do, she can struggle, but all in all, Eri as a Clerk can slice through most opponents with ease. Once you reach Chapter 7, youll get access to the Yokohama Underground Dungeon. Once equipped, it can increase the amount of job experience points earned by 1.5. Nanba arrives as a Homeless Guy, and though he can pick up useful skills from other jobs, hes another character who really is most at home in his default job. Its stat bonuses are focused on agility and dexterty, and its signature weapons are playing cards, which deal blunt damage. Yakuza: Like a Dragon's Legendary Hero Edition includes ALL of the game's DLC. Certain food combos will give a boost to your party's XP. Bodyguard is a physical job that mainly focuses on blade type damage. bonds with party members through drink links, Fiendish Attack / Devilish Slash (can cause Bleeding), Thoughtless Skewer (damages user, but lower MP means higher damage), Essence of Lightning Rod (electric-element damage. Handy for taking on grunts in street battles, but a little lacking against the big bosses. Sotenbori Battle Arena The below table is a repost from chapter 12, and it exists on its own page for the sake of convenience. While armor can be used regardless of job, each job has a class of weapons assigned to it (with the exception of Freelancer, which does not use weapons), and some job-exclusive accessories. All Girlfriend Events 15 Ijinchos Safety Net Much like Hosts, the weapons a Chef can use are rare and often not that powerful. Its stat bonuses are focused on agility on dexterity, and its signature weapons are knuckledusters, which deal blunt damage. Though it costs nothing to switch jobs, youll have a limited pool of jobs you can change to depending on your level and your personality stats. The chefs heavy use of blade and fire damage make it very good for dealing high damage, as well as being reminiscent of a ninja class in other RPGs. Keep in mind that switching jobs isn't available until CHAPTER 5! Unique to this job is the Voltage mechanic, which powers up certain moves for the job. Healing - 332. DerCatrix 6 mo. Doing so can round out a players team so that there are few holes when it comes to having a character for every situation. Arriving as the final party member, like the Hitman Job, Zhaos Gangster job can be rode until the end of the game if you so wish. The Invested Vagabond is a curious enemy with low HP butextremely high defence. To explore it fully you will, however, need to make sure that Ichiban has the 'Demolish' skill from the Foreman job. 18 Home Run Heroism SEGA. 03 A Golden Opportunity It has a combination of damage-dealing magic attacks and buffs and debuffs that make it a powerful support class. However, Hosts come which far more buffs for both themselves and the party, can Charm opponents, and have the ability to steal items. The job class menu at Hello Work also allows players to change their characters appearance. Within a few button presses, your character will be able to equip new weapons, use new skills and rock a new costume during battle. Reiji Ishioda and Nanba Think of a Bodyguard as an equivalent to the typical Dark Knight class in your average RPG. Starting from Chapter 5, Ichiban Kasuga and his party can change jobs. His best overall class is actually another cop-based class, however: The one compulsory female party member in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Saeko therefore has access to a whole unique pool of jobs of her very own. Host is a class that has access to ice magic damage, buffs to allies, debuffs to enemies, status ailments and the ability to steal from enemies with varying success. Intellect Guide If youre feeling lucky that is. Ichiban Kasuga All rights reserved. Coming Soon This section covers every job Adachi can perform as well as requirements to change to each job. Abilities All rights reserved. Its stat bonuses are focused on HP and defense, and its signature weapons are riot shields, which deal blunt damage. Gangster is Tianyou Zhao's exclusive job. It is named "Yakuza" in Chapter 1, "Arakawa Loyalist" in Chapter 2, and "Deadbeat" in Chapter 3. Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. They also have a base resistance to Electric as an element. It's a damaging class with skills that have a chance to buff a stat greatly, be it to the user or to the party. Armor The costume changes are fun, the classes are varied and interesting, and it fits perfectly with the weird and wonderful world of Yakuza that the developers have perfected after more than fifteen years of crafting the unique setting. Magic - 215. Clerk At first, only a few jobs can be accessed and it depends on each party members current base rank and job rank. This fully complete Yakuza Like a Dragon Battle Arena guide will tell you all the enemies and rewards for every floor of the Sotenbori Battle Arena. Pachinko Slots The Dealers moveset is all about chance. Discuss this walkthrough in its Walkthrough Thread. Discussions Rules and . The Game Awards 2020 Nominates Yakuza: Like a Dragon for Best RPG! Players will need to carefully select which characters they want to assign to each job so that they can be the most effective out in the world. It also has access to ice skills, as well as an innate resistance of 20% to fire and 10% to thunder. Chapter 10 Substories Players must wait until their trip to Hello Work in Chapter 5 to change a job class. 49 Certified Lover Jo Sawashiro Latest News and Updates 23 Warmest of Wishes Comes with lots of bulky HP, some moves which can stun, and extreme moves which target the whole arena. If you're getting deep in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you might find our other guides helpful. Infos complmentaires +-Date de sortie : 02/03/2021 Genre(s) : Action , Aventure, TPS What chapter unlocks Kamur. Night Queen is a job that centers on dealing damage and cause status ailments to enemies, mostly brainwashing, but some skills can also cause burning. Side Characters Almost all of the Nightqueens ability have this status affect, and it can be powerful if used against big groups. The best way to maximize success in Like A Dragon is to learn to perfect the skills and strengths of each character under the players control. Xbox Game Pass Is Having its Best Stretch Ever, The Simpsons Hit and Run Designer Wants to See a Remake - IGN Daily Fix. Let Mr Shakedown beat . The Nightqueen excels in one particular area - brainwashing enemies. There are a few ways to increase the amount of XP you're earning in Like A Dragon. Yakuza: Like a Dragon (7 , Ry ga Gotoku 7: Hikari to Yami no Yukue, lit. Yakuza: Like A Dragonadopts many role-playing tropes in its transition to fully-fledged RPG, and one major change is the addition of a Job system. As a main departure from the previous Yakuza games, the combat system and entire gameplay is revamped to include turn-based combat and JRPG-style character progression system, including stats, ability to . The enforcer job is the classic sword and shield class that is meant to protect allies, whilst also being able to deal out some pretty impressive damage. Chapter 4 Substories Extreme Skills Yes, we've had stances before in. Special Effect . Clerk is Eri Kamataki's exclusive job, with skills that cause damage and debuffs. Fully Invest In The Romance Workshop. Saeko Mukouda Game Trailers Yakuza: Like a Dragon is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Human Power Stats Scan this QR code to download the app now. 02 Whos That Sujimon Bonds Guide A risky job which can be effective in smaller battles, but doesnt have the staying power to be a tank. I want to go back to my characters' highest level jobs, but ideally I'd actually like to switch to those other jobs and grind them at the battle arena. If you're playing Yakuza Like a Dragon, in Chapter 12 you'll gain access to the Sotenbori Battle Arena. Chapter 4: The Dragon of Yokohama If your enemy isnt always bleeding or on fire, youre doing something wrong. It also has an innate 30% resistance to fire. You can change a character's job by vising Hello Work. Kazuma Kiryu Bodyguard When changing Kasugas current job, some jobs may require additional Personality Stat levels other than his base rank. Passion Guide Accordingly, Like a Dragon makes a break from its past in both its story and systems, ironically enough by referencing Dragon Quest, an RPG renowned for taking a staunchly . Cookie Notice This job is heavy on the MP skills, so while powerful, is harder to control than the likes of Hitman or Enforcer, which can both just resort to regular attacks and still do a good job. Yakuza: Like a Dragon Meal Combo Guide (Sotenbori) Reminders: Bonus effects from meal combos purchased from the same restaurant can stack. Other than gender, there are no other restrictions for choosing a job for characters. Answered, Sims 4 Seasons: How to Change the Weather. Devil Rocker (DLC) Each character can sign-up from a growing list of available jobs as the player progresses through the game. Foreman is a physical job that mainly focuses on dealing blunt damage. In a typical lap of the Sotenbori Sprint, most of the items will be food or healing items. Its a good job for Nanba to have once your party expands, and he can be tagged in when group attacks and Pyro attacks are needed, but when youre just on four party members during the first half, Homeless Guy Nanba can be a weak link with low health. When you choose a new job, its level starts at 1 so youre going to need to use it in battle a bit to get the most out of it. Espaol - Latinoamrica (Spanish - Latin America). A Bodyguard is a tough job to have, and Yakuza: Like A Dragon reflects that. Its stat bonuses are focused on magic and healing, and its signature weapons are crystal balls, which deal blunt damage and restore MP based on a percentage of the max MP. Personality Stat Guides Its a tricky class, but one that will be essential for the late-game challenges. 50 Pillow Chat This section covers every job Zhao can perform as well as requirements to change to each job. Pounce ferociously like a tiger, soar through the sky like an eagle, sprint fiercely like a lizard, and rule the sea like a shark. Its signature weapons are naginatas, which deal blade damage. Hits hard and can absorb a lot of hits itself, but isnt the best suited to exploiting weaknesses. 28 Tour Guide Turmoil 37 Ringleader Roundup: Bear Blues When Saeko joins the party, she too has an RPG class that matches her real-life occupation - a Barmaid. The stairs start here: On this level, open a door to enter a small office. Chapter 15 Substories 06 Its the Thought That Counts 35 Preparing to Suck Some old favorites, like the fast travel system, return to help professional Ishin players get around the map with ease. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's big message with Yakuza: Like a Dragon, purposefully not called Yakuza 7, is that the yakuza need to evolve - both the real and the virtual ones. Business Management Some of the RPG elements in Yakuza:Like a Dragon work better than others, and the job class system is a great example of one that works. Jobs on offer will give players a quick overview of what each class entails. The real strength of this job though is in the elemental whips, which are great at exploiting weaknesses. Instead of the typical mage, knight and tank roles, weve instead got the harsh reality of pop idols, security guards and construction workers. At the CP Shrine there is a shakedown upgrade for Kiryu, get this. Certain items and weapons are also locked onto specific classes, so characters may become locked out of their items if the player changes their job without checking first. While each of your characters starting jobs in Yakuza Like a Dragon are all well and good, you wouldnt be blamed for wanting to mix it up by swapping them around for new strategies, abilities and so on. That means they use skills that deal out heavy damage to enemies, but also at the cost of hurting themselves. Job Change Guide The legendary dragon returns to the criminal underworld of Yakuza. Weapons Jobs are vastly different from one another and serve various purposes in combat. Some consumable drink items bought from vending machines can give bonus job experience points. 47 Girl of my Dreams Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Think of the Foreman as your classic RPG tank class. The higher their bond level is, the more experience points theyll earn when theyre not fighting with you. As well as the basic classes that can be equipped by every man and woman in the game, every character in Yakuza: Like a Dragon has their own unique starting class that they come with. 11 Certified Underdogs Item Collection Side Quest RELATED:Why 10 Years of JRPGs May Be Good for Yakuza. Breaker is a physical job that mainly focuses on blunt damage. Level 30 reward in Sotenbori Battle Arena. Attack - 344. This item can be bought from the adult good shop, LOVE Magic. Gangster This section covers every job Nanba can perform as well as requirements to change to each job. Its stat bonuses are focused on magic and mental points, and its signature weapons are canes, which deal blunt damage and restore MP based on a percentage of the max MP. . I had to give up fighting a certain pair of someones after repeatedly getting my ass handed to me, so now I'm back in Yokohama at an earlier save point. Take a taxi back to Isezaki Ijincho and go into Hello Work. Battle Side Quest With each character having different stats, its inevitable that each will be more suited to some of the Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs than others. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. If you dont meet the requirements for a job you want, then play through the game a bit until youve attained the necessary levels or personality points. Included are basic information on changing jobs, mechanics, and useful tips. Yakuza: Like a Dragon welcomes the new protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga, a low-level yakuza who wants to prove something especially his self-worth. Saeko also has access to several self buffs, as well as skills that can cause status ailments. These five chapters are pretty simple to complete and are simply meant to get the player fully acclimated with the jobs that were preassigned. 10 Fast Times at Ounabara By default, more information was provided for briefcases 3, 6, and 12 as these are the only ones that are not "out in the open" so to speak. It also has an innate 10% resistance to everything. The Night Queen job is a dominatrix, hitting with whips and providing decent damage. Find Mr Shakedown, Using the Encounter Finder will help (He appears as a large purple arrow on the map). Ichiban Kasuga's starting job, whose name changes based on story progression. 14 Something Worth Protecting Best Armor This includes the Legends Costume Set that was briefly free for PS5players at the start of the year. Mahjong What it lacks in status-affecting skills, it more than makes up for in dealing damage and its potential for bleeding, which makes it perfect for a frontline fighter. This time around, classes are referred to as Jobs. 01 A Can-Do Attitude These skills, once unlocked, will become permanent to your characters. Bond Skills Best of all, youll get the same amount of experience points and money every time you grind the battle arena out so its easily one of the most reliable ways of getting your characters to high levels. Earned through story progression. ), Heros Vigor (chance to revive KOed ally), Heros Compassion / Heros Embrace (restore HP to party), Pigeon Raid / Pigeon Storm (ranged attack on enemy), Gnarly Breath / Nauseating Breath / Maldorous Stench (debuff enemy), Pyro Belch / Pyro Breath (fire damage, can burn), Essence of Pigeon Migration (damage to all enemies), On Guard (defend & counter physical attacks), Detectives Determination (can inflict Fear), Helmsplitter / Grand Helmsplitter (attack that can stun enemies), Clobberbag (attacks with a chance to stun), Powerpuff Press (attacks with a chance to lower accuracy), Yoga Meditation (heal HP & burn or bleeding status effects), Rolling Kick (deals more damage to status afflicted enemies), Flying Crane (attack that can inflict bleeding status), Sealing Lamp (attack that can inflict silence), Stapler Striker (attack that can cause fear), Point Blank (close range gunshot with instant kill or stun chance), Essence of Phantom Drive (blade attack, can cause bleeding), Essence of Trick Shots (damages all enemies; the less enemies, the more damage), Blinding Viper (attack with chance to lower enemy accuracy), Whirling Blade Dance (attack with chance to cause bleeding), Dragons Ascension (attack with chance to stun), Seismic Shockwave (spend 1 turn powering up, then deliver a devastating AOE attack next turn), Drunken Tiger Fist (attack that crits more if youre drunk), Essence of the Ladder Acrobatics (attack all enemies with chance to instant kill last enemy hit). Draw Battle (Imagine Skribbl IO but team-based) Pretend You're Xyzzy (A "Cards Against Humanity" clone) All Bad Cards (A better "Cards Against Humanity" clone) SpyFall. In addition, each profession offers a set of stat bonuses and unique skills that the player can capitalize when engaging battles. It is also possible to find several types of items that will permanently boost your stats and these can be used on any party member. To raise the Bond level, you need to haveparty membersfight in the active party and then talk to them at Survive Bar. Jobs (, Jobu) is a game mechanic featured in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Its signature weapons are electric guitars, which deal blunt damage. looked it up on everything such as youtube, and google, but nothing will tell me. Be warned though, doing it like this will take a lot of grinding so you better be ready to play the batting mini-game over and over again. Golf As is the case with any RPG, youre going to want to know how to grind out experience points to level up as fast as possible in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. The way class changes function in Like A Dragon are through the Hello Work building. ago. It sees the party member breakdance around the battlefield, and is mostly a riff on the typical brawler jobs. Its stat bonuses are focused on magic and MP, and its signature weapons are pouches, which deal blunt damage and restore MP based on a percentage of the max MP. Yes, we've had stances before in Yakuza's combat, but this is a full-blown classes setup with a range of different jobs. Each job has two character skills. It excels at protecting allies with its defensive stats and with skills that enrage enemies. Chapter 9 Substories All Honk-Honk Locations The following is a method used primarily to increase Kasuga's Personality. Its stat bonuses are focused on magic and MP. All Strategy Guides, Mini-Games The nature of the Yokohama Underground means that it's a great grinding spot. Players will be given a prompt to return to Hello Work during the main quest. Barmaid 16 The Crawfish Caper Paper, Please Support Quests Thanks to that, if you want his best job you actually might not need to change anything: Maybe its because theyre late-game characters, but Tianyou Zhao is another character that comes to you with his very best class already equipped as his default. Fortunately, there are a few different locations in the game that allow for quick levelling, as well as having some awesome loot to boot. If youve got the right team combination, you can clear the Battle Arena with little difficulty. Fortuneteller is a support oriented class with skills that can cause status ailments, as well as a small array of skills with varied effects to revive, heal ailments of allies and cause damage. 36 Whispers of the Underworld This DLC adds a wide variety of in-game bonus content, including the Job Set, which unlocks the 'Devil Rocker' and 'Matriarch' Jobs, as well as the Management Mode Set, Crafting Set, Karaoke Set, Ultimate Costume Set, and Stat Boost Set. Copyright 2006-2023 Mist Network and its owners. Heres everything players need to know about changing jobs in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. All Database Guides. It also has 30% innate resistance to ice. Enforcer is a physical job that mainly focuses on dealing blunt damage. The hardest piece of XP-boosting gear to find is the Yakuza Training Gear, which can be found in late-game dungeons or purchased at the MIRAI batting centre with the points you earn from playing that mini-game. Charisma Guide It's a tank class with high defensive stats and skills to reduce the damage from allies, as well as some electric skills that can cause paralysis. Fortunately, the smaller amount means that each one is that bit more specialised the more you dig into them. In 15 years, the Yakuza franchise has blossomed from a obscure cult series, into a major pillar in Sega's portfolio. Best Weapons Trophies It doesn't say Yokohama - it says Isekai Ijincho or whatever it's called. You can read about every job below or click below jump to a specific section: This list includes every character's starting job that they have available when joining your party. Upon returning, the player will be given the option to switch jobs. Chapter 1: Light and Shadow The Sotenbori Battle Arena is absolutely the best way of grinding for XP in Like A Dragon, but youll have to get to Chapter 12 of the story to unlock it first. He has access to a number of exclusive classes and also has that classic main hero thing going on of having generally decent stats in every area all-around. The ability to change jobs comes during Chapter 5: The Liumang Man. Its stat bonuses are focused on HP and defense, and its signature weapons are bats, which deal blunt damage. 31 Like Father, Like Son Given that you unlock her via business management, Eris natural job is of course a clerk, which sees her wielding rulers and other tools of the business trade in battle. Valve's Steam Deck is a pretty impressive piece of kit, so here's our recommendations of the best Steam Deck games you should play. This arena is a 30 floor combat tower that has you taking on increasingly difficult enemies until you reach the top. This time around, classes are referred to as Jobs. Hes more malleable than even Nanba, and without many of the drawbacks. Hostess is the counterpart of the male Host, albeit with different skills, mainly focusing on dealing debuffs and status ailments. Part-time Hero How to Get Amulet of Kishimojin This section covers every job Eri can perform as well as requirements to change to each job. It's a versatile and well rounded job, being able to deal single target and area damage, heal allies, cure status afflictions and buff allies. Sotenbori is the entertainment capital of the west that rivals Kamurocho. Musicians have a good range of targeted attacks, group attacks, and buffs, but they excel through Voltage. Dragon Soul Bat. This involves raising Ichibans personality traits, reaching a certain level, and upping friendships with party members. Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a major change for the series overall. Onlya franchise likeYakuzacould turn an April Fools joke into an actual game. Detective I want to go back to my characters' highest level jobs, but ideally I'd actually like . Post-Game Unlockables That impacts our recommendations for the best job for him: Yu Nanba begins life in Yakuza: Like a Dragon as a homeless person - which in this world qualifies as an RPG class - and surprisingly, his starting class remains really good into the late-game - though early on, you may benefit more from switching to another class first. It might be best to think of this and the Enforcer as two sides of the same coin, with Enforcer hitting hard but having a tanky bulk, while Foreman has much less bulk, but hits even harder. Idol Changing classes is essential to unlocking the best gear in Like a Dragon, so its best to get to this plotline as soon as possible. Once you meet the requirements, you can change jobs as often as you like at Hello Work in Ijincho. The games transition into a full-blown RPG has been a smooth one that is letting players expand upon their combat and problem-solving skills. About a third of the way through the way through the game, youll be sent there once again. Players should carefully read through the descriptions of each job because changing jobs will have major effects on the character assigned. Since there are only two female party members in the game, Saeko and Eri get half as many choices for their Yakuza Like a Dragon jobs, which means that picking which one you want for them is going to be a little harder. Gangster also has access to skill that can cause debuffs and status ailments. In this way, not every character will have an equal opportunity to gain the most from every job. Game Difficulty You can also gain XP boosts for you and your party by combining the right kinds of foods at restaurants. Jobs allow a party member to change their stats, skills, and/or style of play. Adachis default job is very similar to Ichibans as a Hero, so while decent enough, its recommended that you have Adachi in another role. Breaker is one of the best looking jobs, but with the anklet weapon such a rarity, often not very useful. 19 Bubble, Bubble Toil and Trouble In Sotenbori, take a taxi to W Sotenbori St. Visit the marked areas of the below map, in numerical order, and collect the briefcases. Like we say, his high defence means hell take very little damage, but he also has very little health. Eri Kamataki Jobs in Yakuza: Like a Dragon refers occupations available for each playable character have in the game. Damages user, but lower HP & MP means higher damage), Essence of Diabolic Slash (can cause bleeding), Sparkling Splash / Extreme Essence of Champagne Wave (ice damage, can leave enemies cold and/or drunk), Golden Finger / Platinum Finger (steal items from enemies), Rose Stinger / Essence of Rose Typhoon (can charm and/or burn enemies), Ice Spreader (AOE ice damage, can leave enemies cold), Secret Cocktail (Restore own HP, at risk of becoming drunk), Maximum Flair (unblockable attack; has a chance to boost defense), Rolling Thrash (attack; chance to recover MP), Collapsing Chair (unblockable attack; has a chance to raise attack), Atlas Hold (unblockable combo attack; can boost defense), Spin Sweeper (AOE area attack that can raise attack), Hangman Twist (Throw attack; can boost attack for all allies), Essence of Rolling Mixer (Powerful attack, can remove your debuffs), Essence of Breakdance Delight (All enemies hit by an attack that also can restore party HP), Boss Hammer / Master Hammer (take 1 turn to power up, then hit with heavy damage on the next turn), Healthy Routine (reduce chance for allies to be impacted by negative status effects), Explosive Throw / Megaton Throw (AOE fire element attack; can cause burn), Ocular Assessment (boosts accuracy significantly), Essence of Labour Parade / Essence of Wrecking Ball (powerful attack on all enemies at once), Album Drop (throws a sharp CD for big damage and potential to cut), Endless Desire (regenerate health for allies), Your Wackiest Dreams (enemies may fall asleep), Essence of Surprise Concert (Extreme attack on all enemies at once), Saucer Disks (projectile blade attack that can cause bleeding), Medium Well (fire attack that may cause burn), Sashimi Slice (blade combo that can cause bleeding), Wound Opener (blade attack that can cause extra damage to bleeding enemies), Well Done (Heavy damage AOE, may cause burn), Essence of Human Grating (Extreme attack on a single enemy), Strike Down (single enemy attack, may leave enraged), Transfer Shield (reduces defense but increase ally defence), Shield Bash (heavy attack that may enrage enemy), Paralysis Prongs (attack that may cause paralysis), Sleep Grenade (chance to make enemies fall asleep), Essence of Electromagnetic Storm (heavy damage to all enemies and chance of paralysis), Directional Doom (attack with chance to brainwash enemy), Pulsa Denoura (attack that may cause any status effect), Bad Omen (attack with chance to leave enemy brainwashed or silenced), Essense of Spirit Bonding (revives all fallen allies), Card Shot (blade attack that has a chance to cause bleeding), Sparkling Cannon (ice attack that has a chance of leaving enemies cold and drunk), Cutie Smile (removes negative mental status ailments from allies), Sexy Pose (lowers enemy defence with a chance of leaving them charmed), Platter Shatter (ice attack that can leave enemy cold), Essence of Domination Date (chance of instantly KO-ing an enemy), Smash Step (attack on a single enemy, chance of charming), Twirling Beat (attack on a single enemy, change of silence), Lovedrunk Typhoon (lowers defence on all enemies, chance of charm), Magical Concert (Fully restore HP to all allies), Card Sharp (blade attack that changes damage dependent on the number on the cards), Jackpot Chip (damage to one enemy with a high chance of critical damage), Trickers Top Hat (may leave enemy burned, cold or poisoned), Essence of Russian Roulette (extreme gun damage to enemies with a chance of hitting allies), Heel Stomp (attack that may brainwash enemy), Luscious Guillotine (attack with a chance to instantly KO an enemy), Whip Service (attack that may brainwash enemy), Spinning Queen (AOE that may leave enemies brainwashed), Tough Love (chance of leaving enemy brainwashed or silenced), Essence of Extreme Bondage (extreme attack with a chance to instantly KO enemy), Hype Swagger (raise evasion and attack temporarily), Dropkick / Atomic Drop (attack with high Crit chance), Release German Suplex (suplex with a chance for instant kill), Bat Buster / Bat Breaker / Essence of Bonecrushing Bat (damage one enemy), Mega Swing / Giga Swing / Essence of Full Swing (damage enemy and AOE around them.