People will fake injuries for much longer if there's a definitive end to the game. The point you make in your second paragraph is key. Agree absolutely. An American football game lasts 3 hours. I come from a family that revolves around sports. The watch never stops so the game is continuous and doesn't stop. It can't compete with football (American rules) and basketball. But hey, at least it wasn’t another “7 things I learned while making a boloney sandwich” article. Now, it seems like Twitch is all but a cash grab for these people. I have grown up in a family where you eat, sleep, and breathe soccer. Laid?… No, you get a minor boost of happiness for whatever reason and then go back to your miserable existence. Personally, since exiting organized sports, I find it terribly dull to just watch other people perform all day while stuffing my face with buffalo wings and beers. Radio broadcasts, TVs in every bar, club, restaurant, elevator, etc. only some calls are reviewable. In a 1985 strip titled “The Rule”,[7][8] an unnamed female character[4] says that she only watches a movie if it satisfies the following requirements: about something besides a man[, shopping, or make up].”. Why watch other people create value and have a good time? Usually it's a donation goal, followed by something they're selling. And at the end of the meal he would put it back into his pocket. tQ show match tournament - match/add to my funding [CNSL S3]CasterMuse Narak Starleague S3 [ASL10] 3rd Place Match (placeholder) Thus endeth the lesson. I understand by excelsior. Does the outcome of this or that game affect my life? In short, soccer is growing in the U.S. Maybe it has more to do with my gradual fascination with books, especially crime fiction and neo-noir stories. So creative in fact, it almost sounds like projection. Soccer is B-O-R-I-N-G. I’ve often argued that in the entire world, the only thing worse than playing soccer is watching it. Outside of my favorite college basketball team, i don’t even watch sports anymore. Beyond that level of involvement, though, your sports fandom is a terrible time sink with no discernible return on investment. That’s exactly my point…it’s not as much about them as it is about the communal ritual of sport, the allure of which is perfectly understandable to all but the most high-nosed of observers. For some reason, as soccer has become more popular in the United States, it's also become increasingly stuck behind streaming services. And enough with the "it's fun to play" crap. Get back to the game and hum on John Madden’s nuts for a bit to get your weekly dose of useless stats. Leicester City (pronounced Les-ter), or the Foxes, are a relatively insignificant team. a point guard could cover the player left up front more easily. I stopped cheering for soccer ( i’m brazilian) exactly because i came to that conclusino some 2 years ago. I see some calls for martial arts/MMA which is good. There is more than enough officiating in soccer. The Wembley goal was at least close, but today you could easily see without slow motion that the ball was far behind the line. But as I played basketball as a youth and was really into it, I try to watch an NBA game now and then, allthough the enjoyment I get from it nowadays is miniscule compared to when I lived and breathed basketball as a teenager. Does anyone sit around for hours on end just “listening to music”? I am black and athletic for my age. Why BLM is important to golfer Kirk Triplett ... How a Black cricketer found out he was being called a racial slur by watching Netflix. is there any hockey on? Neither do I understand those who claim that the subjective refereeing is part of the beauty of the game - what a load of crap. investment bankers including financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel Modeling. Sports imo, is a religion. This is simple economics- What enables said actors/athletes to commend such a high price for their (work?). When the ball is in their defensive end they usually don't work that much. It excites me. How to watch UEFA Women’s Champions League R-32. This is however not my number 1 priority. These days, you have to discuss the NFL, NBA, MLB, Hockey, college sports, and the EPL if you really want to be cool…. Are you getting paid? I've been on Twitch since about 2012 because I always found it interesting watching other gamers streaming my favorite games. In fact, if girls see you wearing them they make fun of you like non stop… Only the losers wear panties… My parents just stopped buying them for me cause they knew I never wore them.” Natural “I come from a hippy family and we never wore panties. In the movie “Bronx Tale” you’ll recall that Sonny (Chaz Palminteri) asks a young “C” why he idolizes Mickey Mantle. Stopping everything to watch overpaid, overjuiced felons-in-training play a game changes absolutely nothing for me. Sky Sports already charge soccer fans a hefty $85 per month to watch it's English Premier League coverage, while BT Sport asks for a still pricey $40. Hopefully mexico will just do some random goals and/or messi gets injured/sent off. Perfectly natural, just make sure you don’t actually care lol. No, Thailand is the greatest place on Earth to pick up. Jun 11, 2017 - I can't stop watching this… if this doesn't impress you, you have issues. Diving header toward the goal, caught a defenders cleat with my face (right above the eye). TLDNR Yes if you are spending a quarter of your free time spending other men play sports re-examine your priorities. The athletes on the field are using their minds and bodies to solve the problem of how to score and defeat the other team. Sure, the economic forecast in the summer of 2010 may be getting sunnier -- but overall -- I reckon that a lot of people (wherever they are) have seen some better times. You wasted your time, got fatter, might have a hangover the next morning, and have gotten used to watching other men build/create while you sit on a bar stool running up a tab to impress the female bartender that you will NEVER sleep with. This would cut out the super frustrating time-wasting tactics. That said, two days is probably too much, but putting two or three hours a week doesn’t sound too bad. Goosebumps, still. Yes, lots of people, usually accompanied by idle internet roaming or other forms of procrastination. Get instant access to lessons taught by experienced private equity pros and bulge bracket That doesn't mean its entertaining to watch. But I admit that flopping is a major plague of the game. The study of and the involvement in sports is crucial to men in many ways. So no, people don’t get motivated listening to Melo on their iPod. so you can reward or punish any content you deem worthy right away. The recent NBA and NHL labour issues killed those leagues for me. If you institute video replays (essentially timeouts), in addition to official timekeeping, then stoppage time is gone. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. after college and the necessity to bond with other alphas to learn from them, I saw little need or had the time to hero worship NBA or NFL players and team. Women are being put into more and more commentating and presenting roles in men’s sports, there are also moves by feminists to get more women involved directly in men’s sports, some want there to be female coaches and managers of men’s teams. The spectacle of sport, like it or not, is part of life…if one so studiously avoids it out of principle, I’m tempted to wonder whether he is ultimately among those missing out on life. lest their mind might actually have to consider their bulging waist line, their appalling diet, their political and economic system, or anything else worth considering in life…. As it’s already been said- if you are passionate about your goals in life and are a bit narcissistic (how we should be)- you should find little to no pleasure in watching other people play sports. People pulling this kinda shit all the time is why I can't stand soccer and why I stopped watching it. Saved from It's hard, infact very hard atleast in my case. Some of you may have grown up playing/watching soccer and know all the ins and outs. Indulgences are fucking badass. Sport can appeal to both the mentally inactive and the intellectually engaged, and it does so because it combines courage, skill, teamwork, hope, heartbreak and so on, things we all experience and understand. For fans, there’s little to no anticipation of a goal during the game. One man’s waste of time is another man’s joyful release of pressure. By Mary Fitzgerald November 1, 2019, 9:01 a.m. Mary Fitzgerald no longer does a job that she once loved to do. While tackle football is in no immediate danger of being knocked off its pedestal in America, soccer is definitely picking up fandom and momentum here. My father never liked to watch sports, so I grew up not liking as well. Around 7-8 years ago when big tournaments still didn't use modern technology to decide legitimacy of fouls and referees decided who wins and loses is when I've had enough. Statistics is still a mathematical discipline last I checked. News/Discussion. Let’s see where this line of logic takes us: Make sure you stop watching movies…too much time spent watching other men write, act and direct simple stories and get millions for it. Just as Martin Luther was excommunicated for pointing out that indulgences were a scam, any protest to Joe Schlub in his Peyton Manning jersey about sports not affecting his life is likely to turn you into an outcast. I get the points here, but I still like following sports and supporting my teams. Through the first s… The offside rule is probably one of the most crucial rules of soccer, and it makes perfect sense. "I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. CR7 comes clean about Messi rivalry after 3-0 win. So if you don't want to go back to life not giving a shit about soccer for the rest of the year, get into the drama of it, and don't try to get rid of the drama through indisputable video review. American sports are for pussies (Though I love them as much as the next guy). I don’t like spending hours watching something I can do in real life. Why not vote who wins like NCAA college football does? sports were fun to play as a kid, but now as adults, we should have much more important things to do than watch other men play a game that doesn’t benefit us in any way. Reddit Soccer Steams: Why Reddit STOPPED streaming - how to watch Champions League LIVE REDDIT Soccer Streams were shut down following a crackdown from the Premier League. The 7 train on the way to Citifield is a sea of white betas wearing blue and orange (Mets). War is another thing from a game. You are the one out hundreds of dollars”,*t-my-dad-says-why-your-team-give-damn-you, They always say on the announcements “Your blahblah blahblahs” and I always thought “Its not my team. Anyway, back to football (the real thing, not the poor imitation known to a vast majority of Americans as football). If tickets went unpurchased, jerseys went out of style, and TV was no longer a past time- these players would find that their profession is nothing more than a personal hobby. Wednesday, 31 Dec. More Videos » Totally agree with this article and your comments… To me, it’s degrading and self-abasing to wear another man’s name across your back…that is chattel mentality. sports are fucking boring, basketball leading the way. Why aren’t you doing fantasy this year?” I have been surrounded for years by hyper-productive minded people. But don’t beat yourself up about spending a few hours per week relaxing with friends over a football game. When your favorite team wins, and you lost three hours of your life watching them do so, you must ask, “What did this do for me?”. I am Italian and so come from a place where football is…..big. Recently I picked up a team to be “my team”. I watch sports to see a master at his field. But clearly it is much more fun to act all manly and tough and say that soccer is for girls / gays / wimps. So instead of watching sports and drinking, basically not giving a fuck about women and having a good time, he says you should work out, drink vegetables to flush out his vagina, pay a for coffee while talking to a woman, and do something really gay. Soccer is on year-round, as there are so many different leagues, tournaments, and teams across the world that you can almost always be sure of finding a game. The sport itself is beautiful. Man I don’t know about this. As a former 3 sport athlete, with 12 years of American Football including a college stint, I can say that many of the “hardcore sport fans” I see today are sorry sacks of flesh that were never athletes themselves, but love to watch others play. Don’t know why you randomly insulted a total stranger, but okay. The more closely you examine human affairs the more obvious it is that humans crave cultish things. Seriously? 3 i stopped watching nollywood when a ghost was chasing a man in part 1… Then the ghost stopped and rested and said ” dont worry i will catch u in part 2. In reply to Lucky US Slovenia should have by loki276, In reply to loki276 wrote: The worst thing is the people who get emotionally upset over the outcome of a game. I only kept up back when I played. For example, let's say you see Ronaldo dive like a swan to get a free kick. This would lead to more attack and additional chances. Something else that really bugs me now is all the women who claim to be huge sports fans. Nice attempt at trolling. Throughout the years, soccer has become a great part of my life and made me fall in love with the sport. We men enjoy watching other men solving problems in such a dramatic and lively way. My sister has been watching football for twenty years and has been to hundreds of games yet can’t tell me what a free safety is or what man to man means. Short time to watch. But it isn’t as obvious as in the US. They decided the controversy of refereeing decisions and the human element were an integral part of the game. My friend was feeling down after our home team lost again. I am getting rid of sports in my life, especially college football and NFL. But anyways, the MOST stupid thing are actually VIDEOGAMES. And I don’t even root for those teams. When asked about the meaning of this strange ritual, he responded that it was a silent wager with himself. Strength training, endurance training and fighting arts training can improve your health, muscle to fat ratio, weight and shape too. 2 i stopped watching nollywood when a lady was shot on the head while driving with full speed, then she slowed down and parked before dying confidently. Oh, the cutbacks. Are these people just entirely blinding themselves to the evils within the average programs structure? Maybe it has always been so. Reading a history book, on the other hand, can provide you with a roadmap on how to manage human beings, run businesses, create empires, etc. I remember Vengerov’s Sibelius in Chicago, and Bale’s demolition of Inter Milan more vividly than any book I’ve read. You don't expect a guy to jump with his elbow in your face. There is no “takeaway” from that viewing to use in your life. video review would do the opposite of what you want. That’s cool. I recommend The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar. I was talking about the officiating. Sports has supplanted religion as the modern opiate of the masses. If you think there are 48 players on the field, I don't think you should be making any criticisms about the rules of soccer. I was raised in a small Brazilian city, and soccer was the de facto religion. You can do other things while watching sports, too. What makes you think the rest of the world give a shit if the US is interested in soccer? Start a 7-day free trial now and watch online or on your TV. And they have plenty of reasons as to why soccer isn't worth a ... the sport if only somebody would introduce them to the non-stop pulse-pounding action of Major League Baseball. Or, where I’m from, we call it football. Women’s sport has the potential to outsell tradtional mens’ games if packaged and marketed correctly. It would make sense if there are women commentators for sports where women participate (e.g., gymnastics, figure skating, soccer), but not football. The referees for the Chile-Switzerland and Germany-Serbia games have got to be the worst of the tournament so far and certain elements of that are inexcusable. You’ve got to understand one differentiating aspect between men like Tom Leykis and the average joe: Leykis speaks from a position of privilege- he’s wealthy and can thus afford the luxury of being a sports spectator, whereas the average joe doesn’t have Leykis’ wealth. People of all ages and backgrounds in their Canucks jerseys walking around town, going to the bar or the actual game, paying $100, $200 and up for a seat at the game. However I agree people let it consume their lives (and budget – all those bar tabs and jerseys). Bars are themed after local sports teams (occasional to find in Europe but not as easy). I live around the corner from the Algerian consulate and they act like ASSHOLES till all hours of the morning (think Game 7 of the NBA finals) every single time their shitty team fucks up and does something right. I am pretty sure sports and masculinity go hand in hand. I’m an American Army veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Talks, people, playlists, topics, and events about "why i stopped watching porn" on Imagine if people used that energy to productively affect society. Those sorts of moments stick with people because they’re inspiring and reveal something about people overcoming challenges. I find the quote “When parents watch practices – it leads to comments outside of this role. It’s idiotic when a fan(atic) purchases the TV sports package or tailgates all day, then tops it off by watching sports center before bed. And what kind of loser takes a wholesale swipe at something as generic as “Sports” anyway?? Great post, but why the Anti-Americanism? The refereeing in this world cup has been atrocious at best. I know I do. After visiting brothels overseas, I find strip clubs dreadfully boring and a total waste of money. Yeah. When asked if I want to join in the fantasy football league my response is, only women are allowed in my fantasies.
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