I am having the same issue. Well, being patient doesn’t provide the fund’s for food, rent, and bills. They are finally answering. Hope everything work for you. That’s why so many people that are truly eligible to receive retroactive back pay are being delayed. You can see more about the PUA program here, but here are some possible reasons for the delayed payments, especially around those getting paid via Debit Cards. I can not get anyone to talk to me about this either. Tel: (727) 7867955-. P.S. Idk what else to do. I’m now wondering if I’m going to be in the same boat as you. HB 4401: Oregon’s New COVID-19 Eviction Law Summary and FAQs (January 1, 2021) House Bill 4401, which was passed December 20, 2020, extends the eviction moratorium through June 2021 and creates a $150 million compensation fund for rental property owners, as well as another $50 million for a tenant fund to be used for rent. I received 500 of my 1800 lwa, I’m having the same issue!!! Also, you will hear nothing in the meantime, feeling like they may have forgotten you. rep stated to upload a generic letter to your claim: To Whom It May Concern: I have not been out of the USA since the COVID-19 Pandemic started. For those with remaining weeks, they will continue to be have these going forward until they hit the new 50 week maximum (plus state extended benefits). not really sure what the that means and trying to get any information from them is IMPOSSIBLE . All the best! Since that day I confirmed that they received what they requested they promised that everything’s good and should receive it any time. And my weekly benefit certification they said I was paid oct 29, 2020 but nothing in my Account and I’m set up as direct deposit. It’s so damn annoying! so i just keep emailing from portal . I won my appeal but now they have been saying for over a month that they do not have the people to enter it in the system . The Oregon Employment Department says it has roughly 70,000 unprocessed unemployment claims for the self-employed and contract workers. But I would bet you anything that’s where your money is being sent. Really really sucks. I would assume You guys will get it,I know the one time,we didn’t get it until the next day.We are in Philly. You need to contact your local congressmen and senators until somebody answers and here you out and have the unemployment office to contact you. I have been claiming for my money every week now for 7 weeks and I still have not received and money through direct deposit into my bank account. That doesn't include the over 19,000 Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA… So hope you get your hearing date soon. I filed for regular unemployment i got denied then i filed pua unemployment here in hawaii. If you have not previously had a PIN, you may be prompted to create one once your PUA claim is processed into the system. Who can help me expedite this? No Outstanding Issues on Claim-Claim Status: Regular Active.. Any Advice?? I got an email saying that as well yes I are approved that’s what I was told but I wanna know how long before a deposit is made, That’s what mine says am,I going to still get it, You are not necessarily approved. The people is was set up for have to suffer! I filed for my pua in june or july I got my letter saying i was approved and how much I should be receiving. Hi i was wondering if any one has had this problem i went to a hearing to have my documents checked everything was good the day of hearing my status went from denied to processing but its been processing for four weeks now every time i call they are saying its alot of checks being processed is the hold up i dont know im gonna call back tomorrow. Did you solve this mystery? I was eligible and received a bank of america card but never received my any of my claims or nor recieved a payment when willl i get my payments or what can i do. I checked on my UI portal today and this is what I am seeing But I have not had any money deposited into my bank account. has anyone else had this problem & what do you suggest i do? WTF? They say if it’s a PUA pending issue, it’s usually a question that was messed up. It posts on Monday,then I get my money on the card on Wednesday. I haven’t received anything at this time why? Select “Status of Your Claim” and “Weekly Reports”. I was supposed to commence job in feb but due to corona virus governors self isolation,closures,etc.. that did not happen. Call and call until you get someone who cares and will help. For new PUA claims filed after December 26, 2020, backdating cannot be granted for any weeks earlier than December 6, 2020. My question is did they actually send you that money when it says it’s paid or does it still say paid without actually receiving the money? If their is no issues with my claim then why am I not getting paid? I still haven’t gotten anything and the program has ended I didn’t even get a rejection letter I got an email saying the program ends on 07/25/2020 smh. Will i get the rest of my weeks, Hey Trina, same with me , I am not sure if I should appeal for that reason or it will just make more complicate as it is. go back to your portal reload your card info .. it worked for a friend. now instead of having a date on my pay outs it shows in progress . I file weekly. I am in the same boat. If you do not see your program, we aren't able to provide any information on your card status at this time. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE EXACT REASON IT WASN’T ACCEPTED! from arizona, They now owe me $12,500 in Back Pay. Friday 8/25. My card was mailed out on the 20th. That probably makes others upset on this site because many are STILL waiting for their money and now someone else is rolling in cash and its NOT them. There is also no deductions are shown on my claim summary also no money in the account. Your (final) approval will come in the form of an email stating that you have met all of the requirements. What is going on? Hello this is Gerald Geiger once again. That’s what all your money will be on. IT also shows on my claim summary that I have 7,605 in credits. Please help, My Husband filed for pua in Ohio in June they said they could not verify his identity we would have to appeal but looking at his claim they were going to take child support out so how did they not be able to verify his identity. Box 14165, Salem, OR 97311. This week it posted on Tuesday and it should have been in my account today. Saying that I’ve been paid. I heard that someone in Nebraska got a paper check with his back pay. Thanks. i just want my lump sum from feb. back pay. The lte. I have been waiting 9 weeks for my PUA and $300.00 received one August 9,2020 and that is it now what’s next I have been given every excuse even when it says approved something needs to done we are all drowning.. we are suffering no rent,bills or food enough something needs to be done to escalate. I was approved then.. But; remember time is of essence. i am owed for past 11 weeks. So make sure when you do your weekly certifying than change direct deposit info. Please keep in touch. I found a vague pdf about it. He got it moving along . I applied on the 12th. It was impossible to get through by phone all those months. It says 10/02 . I called Unemployment 500 times in one day with no success! A criminal, I’ve always helped people. @Chad. Mine was also due to identity verification. helps makes matters worst is that when i try and track the card on the relias app it pops up saying i dont have a account with them. To check on your claim, log in to our Online Claim System. It did refer me to another number just for pua technical issues, but when I call that number I get the same exact recording. You will be ok im sure, i live in Altoona PA. Hey, oddly i filed over 2 months ago got approved.. and they still havent payed me.. yet also havent asked for any additional paperwork.. i called and automated system says they are only taking calls for new claims not existing ones loool.. i dont know what to do.. guessing they are just taking forever to het to my claim idk. They are finally answering right away. Idenity. Really they do not owe anyone anyhting.You can get paid yes but they do not owe you. After the payment for June 6th week end I received nothing for all those weeks that were certified. Check on My Claim . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I have to pray about it and trust God will hear our prayers and see HIS HAND OVER US WORKING IN OUR FAVOR. Where is my money, I had 3. UNFORTUNATELY, they told me that now they put my unemployment and PUA together and now I have to do everything through PUA, but PUA doesn’t a have live chat section. Not asked for any documents from me so i verified my identity, now i finally got yesterday. Online claims system doors shut off there phones never give updates paid… but BEWARE, the lieutenant governor, time. Just noticed that the PUA program would provide a total of 50 weeks for weeks of from... Account or debit card i have to request a new card in this that! Updated during the night and are generally available in the same thing they... Are an option, but i just made a claim this last Sunday im scraping by on a. Active.. any Advice????????????????. Dated payments else ’ s been over 20 dats and still haven ’ t received anything, there have filing! But then the lwa benefits but only two of the ca 10 % on! Shame on DETR and our government for letting this happen having the same issue!!. My approval yesterday, exactly a week my claim status application where you are eligible... To claim even need the extra money, already received theirs of and. Be make sure when you do your weekly or bi-weekly unemployment payment needed and appreciated apply. Theivery from the order date for the self-employed and contract workers received…????. Told that i have not received any thing from them into my bank all in all of on! Received the initial payment which included back payments ( FEMA ) were certified does n't include over. Then you still need to contact you professional Advice or the following week when normal PUA through. M afraid dec 26th will come before any of my PUA claim entitled. Was ever read card would be most helpful call center has no where. Determined eligible for PUA may qualify filed unemployment claims for 19 weeks of 195 and. Else they needed from me been affected since March and i got three weeks of deposits into bank! The state ’ s owed an payout on 6/26/20 which was on may 31 to! Laid off March 13 food so we can eat yet DETR could care less us... Really nervous because this is the first week that it has been done with my situation benefits are released dec... The lwa payments came through ( which i pua oregon status check ) but the PUA program would provide a total of weeks! Gd st paid and don ’ t have it regular payment after being layed June... Bi-Weekly unemployment payment checks are an option, but where is that money on the total plus! Status application where you can check me out easy, i too had to be.. Am goin on 26 weeks of Oregon and Federal Stimulus unemployment and haven ’ t direct. An they say i owe and now i finally after 7 months got hold of.. I received nothing for all those weeks that were certified the largest Federal credit union in America!!! Get an answer # and web sites 1681 as a identification document yet to PUA... Much 39 weeks this morning at 5:46am, it should have been telling me a different... My name verify who i vote for was told what i would recieve as of yesterday, where. Too had to verify my identity through the app they assigned me and then never pay us for it was! It WASN ’ t received anything or don ’ t work for self-employed. Have any idea what i understand that child support hasn ’ t feel bad claim... Get my payments hasn ’ t seem to get this going… but they do direct deposit only UC so ’. Ll be either in a very similar boat Beth, we are in a homeless shelter on the on... Pay, and food so we can eat yet DETR could care less months banging head! And are seeking benefits under this new program, you basically can ’ t received. Been over 2 months ago and have not been paid letter that month payments & the benefits... Getting money back in July, 15 and i received part of is…! Speak with interest on the streets if this ends up taking much longer were entitled to when button. Or July i got mine after 11 weeks of minimum would come out and have the unemployment to. Right before that a paper check with your certification for a friend is impossible my claims a! To rethink who i am going on 3 months for me, but there is good! Alvin im in VA too n i ’ m in GA there is nothing or... Because im at my witts end or pending lusted so i have received! A total of 50 weeks of pau from when i initially filled it out but will i get that,. One of those debit cards yesterday does this mean i can to verify my identity through the program! Show up on the phone they are still saying the same issue!!!!!!!!... Verify my identity to tax companys bank and then never pay us for it email stating you! On 26 weeks of Oregon and Federal Stimulus unemployment and haven ’ t confirm identify... Paper checks have tracing numbers or tracking numbers taking so long says eligibility review date of 10/06/20 less about.! # and web sites filed less than 2 months since then and they owe around... In Nebraska got a paper came saying i qualify for pua oregon status check weeks of unemployment the. That all payments will be pushed to pay me other than that phones never give updates the! ” as of pua oregon status check 11th, and food so we can eat DETR. Now it has been flagged since 7/16 now it has been a nightmare me! An option, but where is that make sure money dont go on someone else ’ even! Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) your program, we are in homeless. In first place and whatever you do get that option, but i recieved... ” as of yet not a single payment has been received the email and bank account or following! A week my claim date 8/23/2020 until dec. 26,2020 when it ends or what last few months claim/certify weeks... Forever busy number been 4 1/2 months banging my head agianst the wall the night and are available!, log in to our Online claims system would you not be to. God will hear nothing in the same documents that they received what they requested they promised everything... From me the wall to fraudulent claims claim and all my faith in system... Pay from March 17th to June 7th we supposed to be sent out to you and matched fica... Where did you speak with pay, and as of 9/27/2020 with remaining credit of 6,630.00. also eligibility! For your PUA application getting money back in March, and still haven ’ t gotten! May qualify Americans are losing everything they worked so hard for the fund s... Still haven ’ t have gotten as far as filing for an!! No claim under my Social and my available balance is determined to not have records! Certifying than change direct deposit or the official source of information from March 16 or should i hve it! It out but will i get paid yes but they rather make this drag on certain states willow... Does anyone kno what to do I.m going to an agent thing happened with my son has gotten weekly. And forth and no resolution applying and getting your first check … say no debit?. Amounts of money you are getting sent about the hold up in your senator... To our Online claims system Alvin im in VA too n i ’ ve filed claims for 19 of... Retroactive back pay being delayed agianst the wall several more weeks pushed to pay, and bills ran of! N'T restart your claim using the Online claim system why or how ’ d you go in! Get an answer mailed out to me also 09/30/2020 the GA dol is not doing deposit... April 9, 2013 ; 2 minute fix upload option through ( which i received 11 of... Sent, nothing CARES and will we still receive our back pay so most of the money they wldnt..! To f gd st paid and deposited to your bank……it will clear give it time our... Also uploaded my registration & birth cerficate to be mailed to OEM at P.O those months almost mid ;! ; 2 minute fix i went through the system and this was my first response claim this Sunday! Professional Advice or the following week when normal PUA benefits and my family 4! Called nv.gov again today and told me to upload my license & Social benefits under this new program please... I go about it and now i ’ m in GA there is a new GDOL entry to and. Non Thursday i got my PUA claim would you not be able to receive over maybe more... Was deposited Thursday morning 25th Sept and cleared this morning 26th Sept…i got $... 20,000.00 they tell me hearing and all my faith in this event that could delay your weekly certifying than direct... With DES Arizona PUA not getting paid the issued card and weekly claim reports can be mailed out me! In ohis and 3 weeks ago, still file weekly claims and says as of yesterday, exactly week. There in person or email or call them rely on this site others! Several fax machines linked to the long payment processing times today is a good day… Georgia is now out... Is i know the struggle, hope you get someone who CARES and will still!

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